What to do if you have been injured in a public place

The basics
If you have been injured on someone else’s property it may be that you have an entitlement to compensation.

Injuries can turn your life upside down! It is not only dealing with the injuries themselves, we understand that there is additional stress placed on you and your family with changes to routine, time off work, reliance on others, medical expenses and financial difficulties arising from paying these costs and being off work.

You may be entitled to compensation for these costs and more.

Lump sum compensation
The common law claim on top of your past expenses includes damages for pain and suffering, loss of income past and future, loss of superannuation benefits and an amount for any reasonably anticipated future expenses.

Every claim is different. It is best to speak to a lawyer regarding your entitlements.

Preliminary matters
First and foremost you should see a doctor. Your doctor will do a medical check and may refer you to other treatment practitioners for x-ray and/ or exercises such as physiotherapy or hydrotherapy.

Your doctor may provide you with a medical certificate if you are unable to work during your recovery.

We also recommend that, if you are able to, you attend the premises where you were injured to take photographs of the injury site.

Your injury should also be reported to those in charge of the property as soon as possible if they are not aware of your injury.

Should I instruct a lawyer?
Yes. We recommend you contact a Lawyer who will provide a free initial consultation so that you can obtain some personalised advice regarding your entitlements. In some states, there are forms which need to be lodged within a short period of time. It is imperative that you obtain clear, precise legal advice as to your entitlements.

Please feel free to contact us on 07 5633 3567 for more information.

Are there time limits?
Yes, there are strict time limits for lodging your claim.  It is important that you seek independent legal advice as soon as possible following your injury. We offer a free no obligation consultation and can be contacted on 07 5633 3567.

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