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Reviews and Appeals for Queensland Work Injury Claims

Don’t agree with a decision of the Insurer? You don’t have to just accept the decision. You can appeal. Speak to a personal injury lawyer today to find out how.

Decisions are being made on your claim on a daily basis. These decisions can greatly affect your claim. These decisions could be regarding whether or not your claim is accepted, the amount of money you receive for weekly wages loss or decisions on whether or not to fund treatment. They can have a huge impact on your financial circumstances and recovery from injury. You do not just have to accept a decision you disagree with. You will likely have appeal rights. Don’t try to navigate an appeal on your own. We can help!

The Office of Industrial Relations has set up the Workers Compensation Regulator who is responsible for undertaking reviews and appeals against decisions made regarding your Workers Compensation claim. The Regulator is an independent body from Workcover Queensland and self-insurers. Appeals and Reviews conducted by the Regulator are free however you will need legal assistance.

If the decision was given to you verbally, you should ask for formal “Reasons for Decision.” Workcover will then send you a letter outlining why the Insurer made the decision. It should also contain details of the evidence relied upon. You are entitled to copies of these documents. The Insurer had five business days to supply copies of these documents to you. There are time limits in asking for formal Reasons for Decision and also in appealing to the Regulator after you receive the decision so don’t put off contacting a personal injury lawyer. Our law firm is ready to take your call and can quickly advise you whether or not the decision regarding your insurance claim should be appealed.

Other decisions that can be reviewed include:

  • a decision to stop weekly workers compensation payments;
  • a decision to decrease the amount of weekly workers compensation payments.

A decision is usually received within business 25 days however exceptions can apply.

The review decision can either:-

  • uphold the original decision;
  • vary the original decision;
  • substitute a different decision; or
  • send the matter back to Workcover Qld or the self insurer with various orders for the Insurer to follow in reviewing the matter.

We can help you get your claim back on track. We have helped many injured workers get back onto weekly wage payments, get their invaluable medical treatment approved and receive their full statutory entitlements.

Don’t just accept the decision, call us to find out about reviews and appeals. We can provide legal advice on your worker’s compensation claim without obligation and with a free initial consultation.

We also act on a no win, no fee basis.

We would love to assist you to get your claim back on track.