Workplace Slips & Trips

Slips and Trips account for many of the accidents which occur in workplaces throughout the UK each year even though they are one of the simplest types of accidents at work to avoid.

Slips and Trips at work can normally be prevented by common sense actions.  When employers carry out their risk assessments of their premises they should have already identified and eliminated any tripping hazards such as trailing wires or damaged carpets.  They should have also ensured that the building was in a safe state of repair eliminating any risk of leaks from the roof or the plumbing system, oil pipes or tanks. They can provide anti slip mats, anti slip painted surfaces or coatings, handrails and shoes with anti slip soles where the surface remains slippery. Anti slip treads on stairs or steps should be properly maintained. Potholes should be identified and repaired. Adverse weather conditions should be monitored in advance by occupiers and employers and they should have systems in place to organise the application of salt, sand or grit to treat snow ridden, icy or other frozen surfaces or areas under their control.

If you have been injured at work you may be entitled to compensation under the relevant workers compensation laws in your state.

Workers Compensation

Once your claim is accepted you may be entitled to the following compensation:-

  • weekly workers compensation benefits;
  • medical expenses;
  • rehabilitation costs;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • travelling expenses;
  • help around the house;
  • lump sum payment for permanent impairment.
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