Update on Workers Compensation QLD changes July, 2015

We are pleased to bring you news that the October 2013 changes to the Workers Compensation Rehabilitation Act Qld are in the process of being amended.

This is great news for Queenslanders as it involves reinstating rights to common law damages for many injured workers whose claims were adversely affected by the changes.

A draft Bill is currently in Parliament which if passed will, in part:-

  1. Remove the current threshold requirement of having an injury assessed at over 5% to be entitled to seek common law damages since the date of the election (31 January 2015);
  2. Establish the ability to provide additional compensation to some workers impacted by the operation of the 2013 changes between 15 October 2013 and 31 January 2015.

We will commence the process of contacting our clients that we know are affected, in the interim, if you think your claim may be affected, or if you wish to obtain more advice, please contact us.